The Company offers regular services in the following routes:

  • Haldia to Kolkata a distance of 65 Knots.
  • Haldia to Budge Budge and vice versa 58 knots
  • Various anchorage of Kolkata Port system like Sandheads, Jhellingham, Saugor, Haldia Dock Complex, Diamond Harbour, Kidderpore Docks, Surinam, Pujali etc..
  • Haldia to Pandu, Guwahati and vice versa, a distance of 820 knots.
  • Silghat to Budge Budge a distance of 950 knots.

Major products carried are:

Petroleum Products

Various Grades-

  • High speed Diesel Oil
  • Furnace Oil
  • Lube Oil

Packed cargo

  • Bitumen
  • Tea
  • Paraffin wax
  • Cement

Bulk cargo

  • Coal
  • Pipes